Altran Magnetics

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About Us

Altran Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of electronic, electrical, and mechanical components, with a mission to provide the highest-quality products and exceptional customer service. We Design, We Build, We Deliver. Altran Magnetics is committed to creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers in a range of industries. For superior service today contact us and learn how we can support you.

DC Contactor

Altran Magnetics' DC Contactor portfolio is a trusted solution for all your DC switching needs. With a range of options available, you can choose the right contactor for your application.

EMI Filters

Altran Magnetics' EMI Filter portfolio is your solution for reducing electromagnetic interference in your applications. Our filters are designed to provide superior performance, ensuring that your systems function seamlessly and efficiently.

Solid State Relays

Altran Magnetics' Solid State Relay portfolio offers cutting-edge, reliable, and efficient solutions for your switching needs. Our relays are designed to provide exceptional performance, are built to last, and are available in a range of options to suit your specific application.

Motors & Blowers

Altran Magnetics' Motor and Blower portfolio offers high-quality and reliable solutions for your motor and blower needs. Our products are designed to provide superior performance and are built to last, making them perfect for use in demanding applications.

Photo Controls

Altran Magnetics' Photo controls are designed to offer reliable performance, easy installation, and accurate light sensing, reducing energy bills and saving customers time and money.