UL Approved

AMI-M11D Series

Our enhanced cost efficient design RFI line filters provide high performance line to line attenuation

AMI–B11AW/M11W Series

Our high performance power line filters are designed with compact chassis arrangement, for easy mounting

AMI-M12T/U/V & AMI-M12Z/AA/AB/AC Series

Our wide range application powerline RFI filters are exclusively designed for emission control in equipment utilizing SCR and T2L circuits

AMI-M11O Series

AMI 11E Series RFI line filters provide high performance with space efficient design

AMI-M11P/11Q/11R Series

AMI 11F series RFI line filters are exclusively designed for switch mode power supply (SMPS) emission control

AMI-M11N Series

Our compact power line filters provide significant differential mode performance

AMI-M12A Series

Compact dual stage filters are designed for current rating up to 30A

AMI-M11S/T&12W/X/Y Series

Compact design filters available with superior common-mode and premium differential-mode attenuation

AMI-M11A Series

RFI filters for high impedance load/low current designed for general purpose applications

AMI-M11J/K/L/M Series

RFI power line filters designed for high impedance loads